What are Cryptocurrencies Anyway?

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is free of any government monitoring or intervention. Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has taken the market by storm, given its incredible benefits. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ether, have recorded phenomenal growth.

Incredible Benefits of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Being digital money, cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited. Cryptocurrency trading is safe, with no risk of identity theft as with credit card use. As a currency it enjoys global recognition, is not bound by the FX exchanges or interest rates of any country and transaction fees are very low.

Phenomenal Growth of Cryptocurrencies

The total market for cryptocurrencies has surged passed $100 billion. The market cap of Bitcoin (the most popularly traded cryptocurrency) is approximately $74 billion, higher than that of leading tech companies like Netflix and PayPal. The market cap of the second most popular, Ethereum (or simply Ether), is $28 billion.


Bringing cryptocurrency trading right to your doorstep


Pay using the most popular methods, including credit / debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA). You can also purchase Bitcoins with cash.


Your payment and personal information are completely secure, with full data encryption. We also ensure protection against DDoS attacks and compliance with PCI DSS standards.


Enjoy smooth, easy and fast transactions. Buy and sell Bitcoins, Ether and other cryptocurrencies whenever you want. Quick order execution ensures high liquidity.


Buy Bitcoins using USD, EUR or any of the top currencies. Enjoy leverage, negative balance protection and automatic funds borrowing. Low spread and low fees ensure greater potential.

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